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If you are like me, the word “Solution” conjures up images of pain and suffering, budget overruns, delayed deliveries, unhappy personnel who put on a face of acceptance because the boss decided on the solution!

Having lived in this world as a provider of “solutions”, I’ve become keenly aware of what my customers and end users have to put up with!

That said, Office 365 falls into a different category.  It is AWESOME!  It is one of the very few solutions out there that really addresses the needs of everyone from owners and management to the lowest level in the organization, and is THE easiest to get your people to accept and use.

My last blog, “Do I really need to move to the Cloud?”, outlined business reasons to make the move. But why do people take to Office 365 so easily?

  1. Familiarity

For the last 30+ years, Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been the backbone for communication within an organization and its outside customers and partners.  Everyone knows how to use these tools, and with Office 365, they work the SAME way no matter what device is being used – phone, tablet, iPad, Surface, laptop, PC.  There is very little to teach, and if a walkthrough is done correctly, the transition for users is a matter of hours, not days or weeks!


  1. Love the Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Of course there is a degree of work to prepare for the shift, but a lot of that happens without interrupting current workflow.  People love the mobile access, as well being device independent.  It gives the individual tremendous flexibility to access and work with information whenever they want/need to, whether at a desk, on the shop floor, in the warehouse, at a highway rest stop, being the parent at a game/event, watching TV, wherever.


  1. CRM Access from Outlook

Everyone involved in Sales and Marketing needs on demand access to information, and what better way than through the familiar interface that Outlook provides?  This makes the learning curve ridiculously short. This provides for quicker return on the investment in Dynamics CRM which is by far the most cost effective CRM solution for a small and medium business (SMB).


  1. Simultaneous Work on the Same Document

The productivity improvements due to this feature are tremendous.  The speed at which work gets done by teams gets a Turbo Boost, because the user literally sees who is changing which part of the document!  And because the user can see who is available, the ability for a web meeting or a phone conference via Office 365 is a couple of clicks away – no back and forth with email finding out who is available, or a phone call interruption at an inappropriate moment.


  1. Shared Performance Dashboards

Dynamics CRM dashboards delivered via Office 365 make for powerful visual tools that guide individual and team actions needed to meet set objectives.  Everyone on the team pulls in the same direction, sooner as opposed to later.  The name of the game is increased Sales Productivity, releasing valuable time for more high value sales activities.  The end result is better process, increased revenue and less stress!


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