Excel 2016 Hot Keys 

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency – that is the name of the game in business. Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool for business for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most popular Hot Keys to help you be more efficient in your us of Excel. 

Please note: 

  • Hot Keys separated by + need to held-down together – Example – First Hot Key Listed – Hold Ctrl down first then hit W 
  • Hot Keys separated by , do not need to be held down, only hit in the correct order – Example – Delete Column – Hold Down Alt then press H, A, and C in that order 
To do this  Press 
Close a spreadsheet  Ctrl + W 
Open a spreadsheet  Ctrl + O 
Go to the Home tab  Alt + H 
Save a spreadsheet  Ctrl + S 
Copy  Ctrl + C 
Cut  Ctrl + X 
Paste  Ctrl + V 
Paste using the Paste Special dialog box.   Ctrl + Alt + V 
Undo  Ctrl + Z 
Redo or Repeat the last command   Ctrl + Y  
Italicize or Remove Italics    Ctrl + I or Ctrl + 3 
Bold or Remove Bold   Ctrl + B or Ctrl + 2 
Underline or Remove Underlining  Ctrl + U or Ctrl + 4 
Remove cell contents  Delete key 
Delete Column  Alt + H, D, then C 
Apply General Number Formatting  Ctrl + Shift + ~ 
Apply Currency Formatting  Ctrl + Shift + $ 
Apply Percentage Formatting   Ctrl + Shift + % 
Apply Scientific Number Formatting  Ctrl + Shift + ^ 
Apply Date Formatting   Ctrl + Shift + # 
Apply Time Formatting   Ctrl + Shift + @ 
Enter Current Time   Ctrl + Shift + :  
Enter Current Date   Ctrl + ;  
Center Align Cell Contents  Alt + H, A, then C 
Add Borders  Alt + H, B 
Move to the lowest used cell (lowest used row of the rightmost used column)  Ctrl + End  
Extend the selection of cells to the last used cell   Ctrl + Shift + End  
Hide Selected Rows   Ctrl + 9 
Hide Selected Columns  Ctrl + 0 
Create/Edit a Hyperlink  Ctrl + K  
Check Spelling   F7 
Start a new line within selected cell   Alt + Enter  
Go to Formula Tab  Alt + M 
Expand/Collapse the Formula Bar  Ctrl + Shift + U 
Insert a Function   Shift + F3  
Create, run, edit, or delete a macro  Alt + F8