RxPro/32 is an Enterprise Pharmacy Windows Application designed for Correctional and other Institutional needs.

It is a multi-site, multi-user application for use by Providers, Nursing Staff, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Management. RxPro/32 is very fast, efficient, and secure. This program is very easy to learn, typically takes 1-2 hours to become oriented with the software.  It has powerful reporting functionality to help isolate trends to contain costs, and improve productivity. A strong security module is used to manage access for multiple users.

RxPro/32 has interfaces to prison management systems, eliminating the need to key in patient information. Data can always be kept current. Provider Data Entry and the printing of Nursing MARs is an integral part of the application. Pill Call Reports help guards know exactly who has to report when.

Drug-drug interactions, duplicate therapy checks, and allergy reactions are standard, using drug data supplied by First Data Bank. Built in checks exist for refilling prescriptions. These compute and highlight the duration for medications already dispensed.

The Batch orientation of the application creates significant productivity increases in pharmacy operations, as it guides data entry and dispensing into batches of prescriptions at a time, without compromising the need to handle a single or handful of prescriptions.

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• Provider Data Entry
• One Provider cannot write to a batch of prescriptions created by another
• Batch gets locked on completion of data entry preventing further addition of prescriptions without creation of a new batch
• Data Entry and Inquiry access only to permitted sites
• Access to Prescription History – Active, Inactive, or All scripts
• Physician Order Form simplifies the reordering of meds for each patient
• Inmates on Specific Drugs report helps identify patients for efficacy
• Immediately trap Drug-Drug Interactions and view Monograph information
• Automated printing of Medication Administration Record (MAR)
• MAR label printing if needed
• Data Entry
• Seven Days report identifies patients whose prescriptions will run out in 7 days
• Ability to categorize medications (eg. COPD, Beta Blockers) to track just those patients on meds belonging to the category. Any number of user defined Categories
• Review prescription history
• Increased productivity with Batch based entry for prescriptions and refills
• Very fast: 40-60+ new scripts per hour per person, 150-200 refills per hour per person
• Retrieve prescription history on Active/Inactive scripts for Active/Inactive patients
• COMPLETELY keyboard driven – no need to slow down to use a mouse
• Minimal steps to Refill, Renew, Discontinue scripts
• Ability to quickly Return unused meds against a script
• Ability to create a script for near future use (Zero quantity dispensed)
• Ability to put a script on Hold (Profile script) prior to fill
• Reprint Labels at will
• Flag a Patient as SAM/No SAM
• Flag a specific Script as SAM/No SAM
• Drug-Drug Interaction, Duplicate Therapy, Drug Allergy checks
• Ability to force an Inactive (expired) script to appear in the Active meds listing if the Stop Date is less than N days from the current date. The value of N can be changed at will
• Color coding for easy review: Active scripts in Black, Inactive Scripts in Blue, DEA scripts in Red
• Automated “Meds dispensed good till” date display on Refills
• Refill quantity rules PREVENT dispensing of meds if stop date will be reached prior to full quantity on script being dispensed
• Review prescribing trends, costs, by site, patient, physician
• Monitor pharmacy filling practices for productive operation
• Create custom grouping of drugs for reporting
• Export certain reports for spreadsheet analysis
• Ability to connect to any database across the network and use the application to review details