ImplementationConfigurationUser AdoptionCustomizationMobile CRM
CRM software implementations require a mix of art and science to sift through business and technology complexity and create a seamless integration with your existing systems. We work with you to make this process as easy and simple as possible.

CRM out of the box needs to be configured to suit the way you do business. We start by understanding what the business needs, what departments needs, and then what individuals need. We then proceed to configure CRM to meet these needs. Some of what this involves is setting rights and permission, creating your products and product structures, price lists, and configuring emails to be tracked in CRM.

We understand what it takes to achieve sucess, and a key part is to get your people to use it and love it! Getting people to use CRM is an art in itself. We have crafted a training and support mechanism that works time and time again, ensuring that your time to ROI is measures in weeks, not months.

Not all business needs can be addressed through configuration. In such situations, we customize your CRM to your exact specification and needs. This includes workflows, reports, and custom integrations to other systems like Accounting, Operations, and Marketing Automation.

Mobility is the name of the game with the power of Dynamics CRM in the palm of your hand. When the standard mobile client won’t do, Resco Mobile CRM becomes the solution of choice to drive the productivity/efficiency of field workers. This solution is perfect for sales reps, service technicians and other mobile workers. It combines great features of CRM with abilities of mobile devices to create one perfect tool for everyday use. Full offline capability for smartphones is also what you get with Resco. WE know how to work with the Woodford tool to create the specific solutions that meet your needs on the go!