Are Your COVID Precautions Enough?

You’ve implemented measures based on OSHA and CDC guidelines, but is that enough?

It takes 4 key dimensions to achieve REAL success, according to a major hospital in Boston – Hygiene, Distancing, Masks, and Screening. But how do you screen tens or hundreds or thousands of individuals every day without breaking the bank?

Health Check

STOP Covid-19 from entering your premises!

Consider an affordable, proven, robust, and ready to implement enterprise class health check app for smartphones and devices!
And it's customizable! Nothing else to install, no additional software needed. You may even be able to use CARES funding to offset the investment!

COVID-19 Screening Passport:
Digital self-certification for all personnel

The Digital Passport is a quick and agile way to monitor the daily health status of employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors. Make sure the ones with symptoms undergo additional medical checks prior to entering the workplace.

Before entering, employees use the mobile app to answer CDC recommended questions confirming their health status and contacts.

Based on responses, the system automatically evaluates the answers and grants a GREEN badge as a pass indicator, or a RED badge indicating additional medical checks could be required.

The supervisor is alerted each time a RED badge is issued, and managers can monitor statistics and trends using real-time, online Dynamic Dashboards.

Stay ahead of the competition. Help your business forge ahead in the Covid-19 era!

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