CRM software implementations require a mix of art and science in-order-to sift through people, business and technology complexity and create a seamless integration with your existing systems. We work with you to make this process as easy and simple as possible.

The very nature of our business is to ensure that successful user adoption drives the selection of technology with a process framework to increase your revenue year after year. We provide customized solutions to fit your exact professional needs. The quality of our work is reflected in the results it has brought to our clients.

EBSoftware uses advanced technologies to create systems, custom applications and online databases/portals to solve your most challenging problems. We listen to the needs of your business and work with you to find a customized solution for your business goals and needs.

EBS Customized CRM Services at a Glance:

Dynamics CRM Implementation

Configuration, Customization including Workflows and Reports

Integration with other systems

Training & On-going end user support xRM



Out of the Box Solutions

CRM out of the box needs to be configured to suit the way you do business. We start by understanding what your business needs, what each department needs, and then what your employees need to be more efficiencies. We work with you to determine the appropriate rights and permissions, create products and product structures, price lists, and configure your emails to allow them to be tracked in customized CRM system.


IT Staffing

When You Need the Right Talent for Your Short-and Long-term Projects

EBS pre-screens and hand selects the right candidates that are not only have the right skill-set but fit your work company environment as well. We have a process and methodology in place that allows us to provide you with a pool of candidates for specific short- or long-term needs.
Our candidates have been tested and specialize in Microsoft Infrastructure and Microsoft Technology based applications so you don’t waste your time or money training and retraining staff.

EBS provides staffing for the following Microsoft Infrastructure and Microsoft Technology based applications. Which include but are not limited to:

  • Application Developer
  • Dynamics CRM
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Legacy Microsoft Technologies Business Systems Analyst
    • Solution Architect
    • Web Developer
    • Desk-Side Support Techs

Our Process:

  • Before initiating our search, we sit down with you to determine the specific set of skills, traits, and experience needed to find the right candidates.
  • We create postings and search our personal networks to initiate the search for the perfect candidates for you to review.
  • Our candidates that meet the established criteria go through our own internal interview process before we even send you their resume for consideration.
  • After the first round of interviews we work with you to schedule a final round of interviews with those candidates that fit your needs best.
  • Finally, you select the candidate that you feel will be the biggest asset to your company!

EBS Benefits

  • No time or money wasted posting classified ads that produce little results
  • Cost savings for payroll and benefits
  • Increase in sales and profitability in your business
  • Increase in output of work from our candidates
  • A consistent pool of pre-screened & qualified candidates


One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all business needs can be addressed through configuration, we customize your CRM to match your exact business specifications, needs and goals. This includes workflows, reports, and custom integrations to your Accounting, Operations, and Marketing Automation systems.


Mobile CRM

Access Information on the Go

Mobility is the name of the game with the power of Dynamics CRM in the palm of your hand. When your business demands more than the standard mobile CRM won’t do, Resco Mobile CRM has been the solution of choice. Resco Mobile CRM drives productivity/efficiency of field workers, it’s perfect for sales reps, service technicians and other mobile workers. Resco Mobile CRM combines great features of a CRM system and the flexibility of a mobile device to create the perfect tool for everyday use and offers full offline capability for smartphones. We work with the Woodford tool to create a unique solution that meet your needs on the go!

CRM employee adoption is an art in itself. We have designed a training and support program that has a proven track record ensuring your time to ROI is measures in weeks, not months.


User Adoption

One Size Does Not Fit All

In Order to Succeed, the System Needs to be Used

EBS understands what it takes to help your employees achieve the success needed to master your CRM system. A key component is to provide the support that is needed to navigate the new system so your people will love it and use it!


Custom Applications

Development and Training that Makes a Difference

We’ve been developing and supporting custom applications and provide training our clients need to get the most out of their custom application. We build new applications using .Net architecture and the xRM Platform.

Legacy applications include:

  • Gupta SQLWindows
  • Gupta Team Developer
  • Gupta SQLBase
  • Oracle Databases
  • VB
  • C#
  • C++
  • C