The SECRET to reduced stress and increased productivity is Precise and Quick Communication!

Combine that with an ability to quickly add comments, direct a message to a SPECIFIC person or group, and then have the recipient accountable to move that message to closure makes for powerful productivity! Success comes from streamlining these information flows – grease the skids if you will. At EBS, we understand exactly how to help you and your team succeed in the quest for reduced burnout, improved efficiencies, better patient outcomes, better inventory management, and standardized processes, all leading to increased profitability!

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CSRs are the face of the Practice to Clients and interact with Doctors and Technicians.
How many times in a day do your CSRs leave their desk to walk to the back to get an answer? Wouldn’t their lives be much simpler and more efficient if they were able to electronically communicate with the folks in the back?

How about the time the doctor or a technician spends to walk to the front to clarify a point regarding a Client and Patient needing an appointment?

HUGE savings in time and improvements in accuracy with a digital transformation! Enough to allow a couple of additional appointments per day!

What would that mean for your practice?

We can help you to grow your business

Messages taken by CSRs are typically structured, which means there are specific pieces of information needed along with free form text.

BUT there’s also a need for free form, secure text information from one individual to another or to a fixed group or a group defined on the fly.

How do you do this now?

We’ll get you to a digital transformation to create HUGE improvements!


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How do you currently schedule people? Excel spreadsheets? What if your people could access changes and schedules on their smart phones from anywhere? What would that mean for the team?

We can help you to grow your business

How about you as the Owner or Practice Manager? What if you could monitor key aspects of the business real time? Interact with staff from the grocery store or the day care center? Or perhaps keep the occasional eye on things while you are on vacation?

What would this mean?


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eMail hell? We’ll help you set up so that email messages are automatically sent to organized folders. How would that improve your life?

We can help you to grow your business

Just about anyone can implement technology. What we do is make it SUCCEED for you to get to the outcomes you WANT! Less burnout, happier people, better patient outcomes, improved financial performance!


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“I don’t have time to train people and I can’t afford to spare them for formal training”

NO PROBLEM! We’ve developed an effective mechanism to help people learn quickly! No lengthy training, and plenty of hand holding and support. This another Key Factor that makes for success.

VGP Practice Coaches work directly with Practice Owners, Practice Managers, and other members of the leadership team remotely.

Your practice coach can meet with you or your leadership team to discuss any of the major areas of management within your practice.

  • P&L
  • Budget
  • discuss personnel issues
  • role play and coach ways to solve interpersonal disputes
  • review your inventory process and procedures
  • help create and implement marketing strategies
  • and much more!

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