Explore the Triage app

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How the Triage App works
Step 1
A communication is received – web, email, phone call, text, others means
Step 2
CSR receives the communication, engages with client and creates a structured electronic message. Message content varies based on how the message is categorized – Appointment Request, Medical Concern, Refill, Consult Request, etc. May be modified to suit specific needs.
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Step 3
The message is directed to an individual recipient (Doctor, LVT, Office Manager), or a Team (such as Pharmacy, Technicians, Kennel, other)
Step 4
Message priority is set and displays with a corresponding color code.
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Step 5
A continuously updated Dashboard View displays all incoming messages. Click on the image to the right for an enlarged view of the Dashboard.
Step 6
The messages displayed in the Dashboard can be restricted just to “My Messages” for an individual, All Messages, or Messages for a specific Team.
Step 7
Color coded priority on the Dashboard makes it easier to decide if a technician needs to be assigned to address them or to wait till the workload builds up.
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Instructions and questions are added, and the message is either directed back to the CSR or other recipient for Action.
Step 9
Other Message Attributes worth mentioning:

– Each message shows if someone has at least looked at the message.
– Anyone can create a message
– Messages move through 3 stages – New/Received, In Process, and Completed. These represent the 3 columns in the Dashboard
– Archiving a message removed it from the Dashboard but it is still accessible

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Step 10
A PDF report for each message can be created. This PDF may be attached to the patient record
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With the triage app
– Messages are never Lost, and can always be retrieved, even archived messages

– Simplicity in design makes learning easy and creates HUGE operational efficiencies

– Less people for the same workload, faster throughput, less stress, more time to spend with clients and to see a couple more patients each day!